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This is one of our most requested residential locksmith services. Residential locks rekeying is pretty popular for many reasons. The primary reason though is safety. Sometimes when keys get lost, it’s much better to have a lock rekey than to just have new keys produced. You never know what could’ve happened with your lost keys. If it somehow gets in the hands of the wrong person, then you know what could happen. So sometimes, it’s best to just have a complete lock rekey in Houston, to be on the safe side.


Lock repairs are another common service that we provide. Locks get old and need replacing or repairing. It can be a problem with the internal mechanism or even the outside cylinder where the key goes into. If the outside cylinder is not fixed when it starts sticking, the key can actually break in the lock. Most of the time the key can be removed from the lock, however; other times it can not and the lock must be replaced. Fire exit doors can be a urgent matter when they break or stick due to the fact if a fire was to break out. People, unfortunately, do not take their doors seriously until something goes wrong. Emergency exits must work properly.

Common Lock Types

There are many types of locks. The most common residential locks are defiant, Kwickset, schlage, and baldwin. These locks are bought as deadbolts, knobs, and levers for the most part. Some are bought as keypads and smart locks. Kwickset makes a very unique lock that can be quickly rekeyed. Just put in the existing key turn it 90 degrees, push the little button in the slot, and insert the new key you want it to fit. And presto you have the lock rekeyed to the new key that you wanted. Schlage makes some nice designs for their locks and make a very good smart phone lock. Defiant is the most inexpensive but works very good on homes.

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