Bump Key

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Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, but for those of us without super-sized hands or an extra set of typing fingers on standby; bump keys were specifically designed to help make quick work out accessing our locked areas. A key is considered a “bump” when it’s cut at maximum depth by machines which can be as little as 0mm apart! This kind isn’t too hard hit either – just need one more object: mallet/screwdriver depending upon what you want to do with your new Found Property.

Before we discuss how a bump key works, it is important that you understand how traditional pin and tumbler locks work.

There is no better way to keep your home safe than with a good old fashioned lock. Pin and tumbler locks are great because they use pins that fit each individual key, ensuring only you have access when needed! When it comes time for me (or anyone) to enter our homes we want peace of mind knowing there’s security involved; this is why so many people choose these types of systems over others that lack such features as durability or flexibility.

The bump key is a great way to unlock your door if you have an old pin and tumbler lock. The pins inside these types of locks will bend when hit with something hard, but this doesn’t always work out well for people because once someone uses their bump keys too many times they become worn down or damaged from constantly being used without a care in order maintain its effectiveness as intended by design – which was so that users could easily open doors after getting permission first!

It is easy to see why key bumping should be avoided at all costs. First, this practice enables intruders into your home or business without detection; second, it’s a highly effective way of getting access because you won’t know if someone has been inside since there are no signs left behind like broken glass and doorframes bent inwards from forcefulness.

This is a very alarming discovery. However, don’t let it faze you! Your local locksmith in Beverly Hills can help find the perfect keyless access system for your home that’s immune to bumps and drill attacks because this type of locking system uses individual codes which are unique only meant for one person – meaning no stealing someone else’s keys just so they may enter their own property without permission or try breaking into another house altogether if there was somehow left open lately by mistake (which happens often). Some other benefits include:

Allow and revoke access to your home or business at any time

See who has accessed your space and when

Lock your home remotely

You may be wondering if a keyless entry is right for your home. Contact our team at Let Me In Locksmith Service to learn more about how it can make life easier, safer, and more secure!


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